Venkat Kalyan Chivukula Announces ‘First Of Its Kind’ Solution For SAP BRFplus Users

Venkat Kalyan Chivukula, a leading technology expert, announced today the development of ‘DSA’, a solution for SAP BRFplus that allows organizations to use SAP BRF plus as their rule engine.
DSA enables customers to better manage their SAP and non-SAP systems enhancing and improving the management of the entire landscape.
“DSA is a game-changer,” says Chivukula. ” I contributed to the development of DSA with the Mouritech team because of the pain points I heard from my clients who needed a solution that works in non-SAP systems”.
“With DSA, organizations can now effortlessly work in non-SAP systems in their landscape without needing multiple rule engines.”
There are no other products like DSA offered in today’s market.
Mr. Venkat Kalyan Chivukula┬áhas been in IT for almost two decades and is an expert in several technologies: ERP’s like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft
web technologies: Java, HTML, XML, DotNet.


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