Pearland ISD Teacher: Trump Supporters Are Racist And Should Not Be Teachers

A Pearland ISD teacher is under fire after a Facebook rant involving President Trump and supporters of the President.

Turner High School teacher, Samantha Hennessy claimed teachers who are Trump supporters are racist and should leave theirs jobs forever.

It read:

If you are a public school teacher AND a trump supporter, please grab your purse/bag/white hood, walk out of your classroom and leave. FOREVER!
By definition and association,  you are a racist, a science denier, and you oppose equal rights for women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community.
Public school teachers are granted the HONOR to look after, protect, and advocate for ALL of the children in our classrooms. We are to empower and inspire our young people to be the best THEY can be.  Even if they have two moms/dads, are undocumented, or “live in those apartments”.
A trump supporter, (because, f*ck you, you’re not a fiscally conservative republican you racist f*ck!), can’t and won’t!  Christian my fat a**!
Any teacher that openly or covertly discriminates a student is a CHILD ABUSER!  And don’t think you won’t be called out by those of us who wishes a b*tch would!!  You miserable, degenerate F*CKs!!

Parents quickly lambasted the teacher, flooding Facebook with negative reactions:

“Looks like you will be reported and don’t deserve to be in school teaching our kids with your ugliness. hate and foul mouth.”

“She needs to go!  Let me know if y’all gather to protest!”

“What on earth! She is my daughter’s Spanish teacher!:

“Why is she still allowed to teach in Pearland?

According to the school districts website, Hennessey teaches Spanish 2 at Turner High School and graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake.