School Assignment Comparing Police To Slave Owners, KKK Sparks Furor Across Social Media

Wylie, Tx – An 8th-grade school assignment is attracting attention on social media and within Wylie ISD because of its comparison of police officers to slave owners and the KKK.

National Fraternal Order Of Police Vice President Joe Gamaldi responded in a letter,

“It has been brought to our attention by concerned parents, that a recent assignment to junior high school students in Wylie ISD, depicted police officers being compared to slave owners and members of the KKK.  I cannot begin to tell you how abhorrent and disturbing this comparison is, but what is more disturbing is that no adult within your school thought better before sending this assignment to children.”

“You see police officers are a diverse group of individuals who are working diligently to have conversations, often difficult ones, whith our communities and our children. We are willing to sit down with anyone and have a fact-based conversation about our profession, but divisiveness like your teachers showed does nothing more to move that conversation forward. Schools are supposed to be a place where the youth of America are taught accepatnce and understading, it is where we mold the future of our country, not indoctinine them in ways of division.”

According to a Facebook post from Gamaldi, the school district has pulled back the assignment, apologized, and plans to apologize to the parents.