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Leader of the US Communist Party endorses Biden

The founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party has come out and endorsed Joe Biden for President and instructed fellow communists to support Biden in the election.

Bob Avakian asked voters to:

“deliver a decisive defeat to Trump and the whole fascist regime.”

He told his followers in an email, that ousting President Trump is too important of a goal to miss, so they should vote for Joseph R. Biden.

Avakian, a controversial figure once faced serious charges of rioting and assault for protesting in favor of Chinese communist Mao Zedong’s bloody and brutal regime. Avakian also titled his memoir My Journey from Mainstream America To Revolutionary Communist.

Biden’s campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said this morning, “everybody who believes that Joe Biden should be President” is “welcome to this campaign.”

Joe Biden leads in most polls, but so did Hillary Clinton in 2016 before Trump swept to victory and into the White House.