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Have a ball…or two at the Texas Testicle Festival (August 1st)

The Best of Texas invites you to have a ball at their ‘Testicle Festival’.

The second Texas Testicle Festival is taking place in Banker Smith, Texas on Saturday, August 1st.

They’ll be serving up battered, fried, and grilled testicles from calves, lambs, turkeys, and other animals.  2000 testis were consumed at last year’s event.

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If you don’t have the stomach to enjoy animal gonads, other items like barbecue ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and oysters are available.

The event begins at 10 am and will continue until 8 p.m at the Bankersmith Hall on 7905 Old San Antonio Road.

Don’t miss the ‘Testicle Eating Competition’ for a chance to win $100!

You can get tickets online by following this link.


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