Pearland TX

Neighbors clean up hateful graffiti in Pearland

Neighbors banded together to clean up profane graffiti left on a bridge in the Woodcreek subdivision.

The vandalism was discovered by a resident of the Woodcreek Neighborhood who shared it on social media Tuesday.

IMG_0490The bridge was painted with graffiti that said “Blood Gang” and “F*CK 12,” which means  ‘f*ck the police.’ The number 12 is mostly used by drug dealers to warn buyers of approaching police officers, according to Google.

Almost 20 people showed up on Wednesday night with a power washer and graffiti cleaner to finish the job.  The group spent hours cleaning the bridge.



“Thank you to Kevin and Lisa Cole and their family for organizing, attending and providing many of the supplies for the clean-up, said Woodcreek resident Layni Cade. Thank you also to the always amazing Woodcreek neighbors for coming out and helping!”

If you have any information on who vandalized the Woodcreek neighborhood bridge, please call the Pearland Police Department at 281-997-4100.


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