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Dr. Tre Pennie, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, announces 21st Century version of the New Deal – “EARN-IT”

Dr. Tre Pennie, U.S. Candidate for Texas Congressional District 30, announces a new economic recovery plan called EARN-IT. The plan was created in response to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest relating to the George Floyd murder. These problems stem from the culmination of 50-years of failed socioeconomic policy that have marginalized the interests of communities of color for years. EARN-IT seeks to leverage public works projects and networks to enhance workforce training, education, and volunteerism for underserved communities. Under EARN-IT, government will play its traditional role of supporting community initiatives, but corporations and the people will have an opportunity to earn economic and social rewards based on their contributions to the recovery process

EARN-IT is a fluid plan that welcomes government, corporate and community input. Although the plan was designed for Texas CD30, it can be adopted for other underserved districts across the country. EARN-IT also consists of an online and offline public awareness campaign; which involves the distribution of branded t-shirts, hats, and coronavirus masks. The EARN-IT logo was created by Urban Thread Design.

EARN-IT is not a political statement; it is a “new vision” and movement for change. As part of this movement, free placard signs will be distributed to businesses and residents in Texas Congressional District 30. To learn more about EARN-IT, visit:

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