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‘Please get my story out:’ Pearland teen breaks her silence, describing horrors of living with her abusive grandparents, police respond

Memories with Grandma and Grandpa is something most children will cherish for the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for one Pearland teenager.

For over nine years *Laura (not her real name) experienced domestic violence and sexual assault at the hands of her grandparents, who live in Pearland.

Her case, revealed by a social media post on Tuesday, prompted the Pearland Police Department to respond:

The Pearland Police Department is aware of the case which has gained attention on social media. The investigation of this case has been conducted at multiple levels, including investigation by outside agencies. As the case involves confidential juvenile information, the department cannot speak publicly as to the validity of any of the claims of criminal activity made on social media. Investigations have not resulted in an arrest; however, the case is currently referred to a Brazoria County Grand Jury for review. If you feel you have pertinent information related to this incident, please contact the Pearland Police Department. All information related to this investigation will be reviewed.

With the support of her friends and the community, *Laura is speaking out because she wants her story to be heard to show other kids they are not alone.

My Post-181

Hi, my name is *Laura otherwise known as *ABC. On May 16th 2020 I made the decision to leave my abusers, my grandparents, after nine years of continuous abuse such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. My grandparents live on *ABC Street with so many other children in the neighborhood. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through.

My Family, Friends, and Teachers all reported my abuse multiple times to Brazoria County CPS and it was ignored. Before I made the decision to leave I had talked to an adult who then talked to a social worker who advised me to go to a biological parent who I knew had a safe place so I could stay away from my abusers. I chose my dad because my mom knew about the abuse and would give me back to my abusers, her parents. After arriving at my dad’s house safely we then filed a police report with the Houston Police Department who then advised us to file a report with the Pearland Police Department because it was not in their jurisdiction. When we arrived at the Pearland Police Department the officer that they had called over, Joseph Stevenson, a patrol officer, had been accusing me of lying from the start and turning on and off his body cam. Joseph Stevenson, the officer that had been called out, was also continually making excuses for my grandparents and omitted the allegations that would lead to criminal charges. I answered all his questions in detail and wrote a detailed written report that has since mysteriously vanished. We then contacted Brazoria County CPS who came to the house a few days later to ask questions. That same day my abusers showed up to the house and tried to intimidate me and my family by rattling the gates and trying to get in our yard. Then we had the Houston Police Department show up to do a wellness check and let us know that the grandparents and mom were down the street. The Houston Police Department after talking to us told my grandparents and mom that they weren’t allowed anywhere near me. We believe that someone in the Pearland Police Department or Brazoria County CPS is letting my abusers know when I have any type of contact with the Brazoria County CPS so that they do show up and intimidate me.

I believe that they are trying to cover up the abuse that has been going on for nine years. A few weeks had gone by and we had no word from anyone. My dad then got in contact with the criminal victims division in Pearland who then transferred him over to the supervisor of the police officer who had talked to us originally. The supervisor then realized after rewatching the body cam that the officer had falsified the report. Only then did he pass my dad off to a criminal victims supervisor to schedule the forensic interview on june 12, 2020. Before the forensic interview was even finished Brazoria County CPS stated that they were not interested in pursuing any charges. The interview was video and audio recorded.

In the interview I talked about how my grandfather had grabbed my butt and my hips from behind and wisphered sexual comments in my ear after I kept telling him to stop, and how my grandmother had thrown glass at me and hit me along with the time my grandfather had pushed me up against the wall and choked me. I remember the fear in my eyes as I was being lifted off the floor. And when he would walk into my room at 11pm or later with his pants down or undone, and would swing at me because he was drunk and I didn’t say the right thing. My grandpa would also grab my upper thigh/crotch area and make sexual comments about how he wanted to grab my upper thigh/crotch area and my butt and would also say that only me and your boyfriend could do this.

Tuesday june 6th, 2020 my dad was contacted by someone who claimed to be the supervisor of the criminal victims unit but instead was detective Arnold. He was very rude and said that I denied everything that I had claimed in my forensic interview. He then said that there was abuse going on but not enough to press charges and that my dad should take me back to my abusers. I then talked to him directly and he then said I was lying while raising his voice at me trying to intimidate me. I then said you are accusing me of lying and he told us that he was not going to deal with our dramatics and said we were being disrespectful which is a term my grandparents used all the time.

I am asking you please get my story out there so not only I can get justice but it will shed light on the many other kids that Pearland Police Department and Brazoria County CPS just looked the other way on and to show them they are not alone.

*Names were changed to protect the victim.

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