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Pedlox Inc. CEO, a Military Veteran initiates Project Birthmark Contact Tracing App via Gabriel Secure Collaboration Suite

PEDLOX Inc. a Security as a Service company based in Toronto, Canada, has challenged 2 of its solution providers, Virnetx Holding Corporation of Zephr Cove Nevada, and INTELLI NETWORK Corporation of Calgary Alberta Canada, to provide open access of their Gabriel and iNTELLI mobile applications to Universities, Faculty and Students.

EDLOX CEO Darren Olson says “I initiated the Project Birthmark Challenge at 0300 GMT 26 May 2020 in a direct response to protecting and preserving the Security and Privacy of all our citizens. :

A Navy Veteran who comes from a family of Veterans, both retired and Active military, calls his on his comrades to help our communities secure their individual, family and loved ones Security, Trust, Privacy, and Safety.

Recently, Darren was shocked to discover that his grandchildren, 3 of them, under the ages of 10 were being tracked, their privacy violated, through phones provided to them by other family members.

“I cannot believe that our children and their privacy have been violated in their homes” says Darren.

Darren says “Obviously, none of these Social Media Data Miners are not ISO27001/ISO27002 certified. These ISOs are what PEDLOX delivers through ISO Tool Boxes as part of PEDLOXs Security as a Service”.

Project Birthmark mission:

To challenge our partners and University Faculty members and students to rapidly develop an Open Source, highly secure, mobile app that secures the Privacy, Trust, Safety and Security of all citizens.

Birthmark is open to any individual, any organization who would like to be involved.

“As a member of the Canadian Navy, I was afforded highly secure networks as part of my day to day life” says Darren. The public should have the same secure access, especially in the times of COVID-19 where employees work remotely.

“I would like to ask the help of the public, and organizations in helping us,, and, in helping us provide Birthmark to the public.” says Darren.

As a veteran and now a Security as a Service provider to Cellular companies, Darren is no stranger to securing networks.

Birthmark participant Universities will be registered with their own secure domain name,, for example.

Birthmark telecom participants will also be have their secure domain names registered, rogers.scom, for example.

Pedlox.scom, Intelli-network.scom and virnetx.scom are already secure domain names.

Birthmark Universities will have complete access to the Gabriel Secure Collaboration Suite as listed at

Birthmark Universities are encouraged to team up with a local, community partner that does not have access, or has poor access to public internet.

Birthmark participants are encouraged to learn about our partner, The Center for Internet Security at

Birthmark participants are encouraged to develop secure video conferencing using open source Jitsi as a base system.

Birthmark participants are encouraged to engage the community where the University is located, seek community support, input and funding.

Birthmark solutions are to be designed around the ISO27001 and ISO27002 models.

Birthmark participants should also be aware, and submit their solution to the US Cyber Space Solarium Commission for consideration of a Public Private Partnership.

Birthmark Mobile App shall not, repeat shall not be hosted on a Cloud based solution that has been known to mine public data, personal data, or usage data.

Birthmark participants are encouraged to use USA – Made in America, or Made in Canada products and Service.

Birthmark participants are encouraged to use US based companies, Ubuntu Servers Boston Maine, Dell Servers of Texas, Ubiquity Networks of New York, Fortinet of Sunnyvale California, as examples.

Good luck to us all, god bless us all, god bless the people of the United States of America and my fellow Canadians.

I devote my professional life to my grandfather who sparked my interest in Electronics, on this day, the 26th of May 1970. A fascinating journey of 50 years in the making, God bless you Crampy.


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