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Watch out for Coronavirus scammers, city and county warns

With every disaster, the scammers will come.

The present situation is no different, which means people need to be diligent and on the lookout for suspicious activities.

Today the City of Sweeney released a statement:

Residents of Sweeny. A concerned citizen contacted City Hall today about a suspicious interaction they had with two individuals attempting to gain access to the resident’s home to test their water for COVID-19. These individuals reportedly stated that they were contracted by the City to do this. The resident did not let them in to their home and instead offered them a sample through other means. They then proceeded to tell the resident that their water was contaminated and a form needed to be filled out which included personal information including their Social Security Number. The individuals were driving a grey Mercedes.

The City has not contracted anyone to perform these services nor is the City performing these services. All of our Public Works employees are issued identifying uniforms and drive City vehicles.

DO NOT give any of your information like this to any individuals coming to your home. If you need to report any suspicious individuals please contact the Sweeny Police Department at 979-548-3112 or contact City Hall at 979-548-3321 with any questions.

Please stay safe.



In another post, Brazoria County warns residents:

We have been notified of another SCAM. A group of people impersonating Brazoria County Road & Bridge personnel is trying to charge to pave personal driveways. These individuals are not County personnel!! County employees have ID’s, uniforms with a County Seal and will be driving County vehicles.


Those who are scammed should call their local police department.

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