Pearland TX

Desperate and out of time at kill shelter

My time is nearing the end. I waited 4 long months to be noticed, to be wanted, to be loved. They named me MARVELOUS MEL #A2097660. Everyone loves me here and hoped someone would come to my rescue. They will be so sad when I’m gone. I wish someone out there could see what they see. 😢

3/25 URGENT PLEA SENT FROM THE SHELTER 2097660-blast for rescue Marvelous MEL🆘🆘🆘

Pet presents some shelter frustration and will require a rescue outcome that can provide the medical follow p that he might require due to the resection of his mast cell tumors.

MEL #A2097660 arrived at the shelter over 4 months ago and sadly, he has been completely forgotten by everyone 😭 This boy is so sweet and loving that he has “gentle, calm boy” written on his kennel card. He waits so patiently in his kennel for someone to take him home, but he keeps getting passed by. Please help this baby find the loving home he deserves. The only hope he has is us.

I am a male white and brown Boxer mix.

The shelter staff thinks I am about 5 years old.


Located at
Miami Dade animal service
3599 NW. 79th Ave.
Miami – Doral Florida
305–884–1101 or 311 for status only
Email – for medical and status


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