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Pearland Police Chief said “We are all in this together” in letter to public amid coronavirus pandemic

Pearland’s top police officer has sought to reassure the public and called for unity in the face of the COVID pandemic.
Citizens of Pearland, we are facing unprecedented times and could not have predicted where we are today.
The City of Pearland is spread throughout three counties: Brazoria, Ft. Bend, and Harris. The County Judges of all three, and the Mayor of Pearland have issued similar “stay safe at home” orders. I urge you to read the orders and abide by them for the health and safety of all. The faster we get through this, the faster we can get back to some sense of normalcy.
As Chief, I understand the government’s power and authority come from the people. The Pearland Police Department has spent 60 years building trust and a partnership with our citizens. This is something we value every day and do not take for granted.
I have spent over 30 years raising my family and working with this community and I know the people here are honest, hard-working and family-oriented. However, when the government steps in with restrictions on our normal activities there are always concerns. I understand those concerns and want to let you know how our officers have been instructed to proceed.
A basic understanding, for instance, is that we will not be conducting traffic stops on individuals as a result of this order. In other words, you will not be stopped solely for the purpose to ask why you are out.
Officers will be doing cursory checks on establishments under this order. However, we will make every attempt to work with the owner/manager to gain compliance.
We are continuing with more visibility, albeit more from in our cars at a safe distance, in our high traffic areas and our grocery stores or other locations people need to go for essential items.
I can assure you City of Pearland employees are working very hard to balance everyday operations and deal with the current situation. Our emergency operations team, which is led by team members from our Fire Department, is working all day, every day, to keep all our employees safe, our residents safe and everyone informed in a timely manner. Likewise, essential City services from water to wastewater to road maintenance continues. As you know the information and situation changes daily, please rely upon reliable sources of information.
We are all in this together and there is no doubt we will get through this and come out better than we were before. Visit, for more information on the Stay Safe at Home Order, as well as other steps the City and Counties are taking to help us get through this.
I would like to add that most crimes are down right now.
Stay calm, stay safe, and please use all precautions to stay healthy!!

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