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Stories from the campaign trail told by a retired Marine

My name is Jon Camarillo and I’m a retired Marine and running for U.S. Congress here in CD-22.

I was knocking doors in a nearby neighborhood recently and as I unabashedly bragged about being a Marine, someone asked me “Why should I vote for a Marine and what makes you/Marines so different?”  The first time that I’ve been asked that question so please bear with me as I recap my explanation…….

75361041_108945530561339_1666719362666463232_nI explained to them MY OWN personal views on what makes a Marine so different, are my opinions and own conclusions, based on three tours to Iraq, as a platoon and company commander.  What makes us so special is obviously hard and constant training, but the difference is our special unique blend of LOVE.


Living in Texas is really great and how many folks will say thank you for your service.  While I appreciate their comments, I sometimes feel embarrassed because I never viewed being a Marine as a service.  For me it has been a privilege and a blessing.  The way I feel has nothing to do with any tangible benefits and it certainly isn’t an easy life for Marines…..or our families…….But it has everything to do with the character of my fellow Marines and the bond and LOVE we have for one another.

Marines are a very diverse group – different individuals, but we share the same ideals of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  We share our own code of never leaving a Marine behind, never surrender, never say die.  We share a motto – Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful.

We share a warrior culture where we implicitly trust the Marine by our side. A bond forged through shared suffering, adversity, tough, realistic training, deployments, combat operations, or even a tour on recruiting duty.  We share a

Genuine affection and selfless LOVE for one another that is literally the heart of our Corps……and is what makes Marines undefeated in battle.

William Manchester, author of “Goodbye Darkness” addressed this point when he wrote: “Men do not fight for flag or country, for the Marine Corps or glory or any other abstraction.  They fight for one another.”

I know this to be true as I have witnessed our young Marines accomplish incredibly brave things fighting for one another……Kicking in doors against a determined fanatical enemy in close combat where there is no such thing as a

technological advantage……..Marines racing into a hail of gunfire to rescue a wounded Marine lying exposed in the middle of a street.  A corporal who was wounded, evacuated to Germany and somehow stole, lied, and snuck his way back into the country to be with his brothers.  All examples of selfless LOVE.

I’ve been inspired by so many Marines over my 20 years – whether it be in combat operations, or a Marines tough fight while he watches his daughter pass away to cancer, or our wounded warriors who fill rehabilitation centers with injuries from combat and all these young men want to do is get back to their brothers on front lines.

Apostle John wrote: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another.”  Every day there are Marines risking their lives for their fellow Marines….and some have made the ultimate sacrifice……the ultimate act of selfless LOVE.  You have to wonder, where do we get such men and women who sacrifice for our nation and inspire us to be better Marines and human beings?

The answer is simple, from the streets of America……recruited by the finest because quality begets quality.


I’ve used the word “LOVE” a few times in explaining my point and while at times it may have sounded sentimental, the reality is that LOVE is such an integral part of our warrior culture – an essential ingredient of “Always faithful.”  This is what makes Marines unique, compassionate, and what makes us fierce, lethal, and undefeated in a battle against our nation’s enemies.


I wore this uniform with pride and a sense of humility – for each day I thank God for my children, family and friends, and the privilege to serve with Marines – courageous in battle but with hearts full of love for each other, their families, and their loved ones.81802807_141661783956380_4205700107309416448_n


To all the wonderful citizens in congressional district 22 – I ask that you allow the Marines to tell our story, to explore opportunities, to assist in futures…..and I thank you for your critical and tremendously selfless investment in the future of our nation.  We share the belief this is the best country in our entire planet and worth fighting for!!!!


Have a great day!


Semper Fidelis

Jon Camarillo


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