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OPINION: Is Taxing Our Grandchildren Constitutional? Guest Writer Joe Walz

5c59d2e07f820.imageOur guest writer today is Joe Walz.  Joe is an Army Veteran, Helicopter Pilot, business owner and candidate for Congress District 22.






As we begin a new year, we are blindly going through life day by day atop a proverbial volcano that will one day erupt. The United States of America has a national debt that exceeds $23 trillion, and its growth has no end in sight. When the bill finally comes to the table, the impact will be unlike anything our nation has ever seen or felt.

The national debt was $25 billion after World War I, which equates to roughly $334 billion today. That’s only 1.4 percent of the current national debt. Worse yet, the debt rises by about $1.1 trillion annually. A figure that is still four times the entire national debt after World War I, just before the Great Depression.

I’m not an economist, accountant, or financial expert, but I do have personal finances, a business, and a desire for those two aspects of my life to be fiscally sound. I typically avoid doubling my business or personal debt every decade. Our government has doubled our debt every ten years. Call me crazy, but the bottom will fall out at some point.

When that occurs, all support of the indigent is gone. Veteran care is no more. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are also absent. Everything we know to be America comes to a screeching halt.

Not to mention, the debt we as a nation are incurring is the burden of future generations. We are literally taxing our grandchildren before they have even met their grandparents. That is the epitome of taxation without representation.

This country needs common-sense business and family leadership.

Start with a Balanced Budget Amendment that includes a zero-based budgeting requirement. The Balanced Budget Amendment stops the addition of debt. The zero-based budgeting prevents the waste of taxpayer money. Once we have accomplished the Balance Budget Amendment and are utilizing zero-based budgeting like a family or business does, reduction of the national debt will begin immediately. Start the process of shrinking federal departments, or eliminating them outright, and we’ll see another ‘yuge’ reduction.

How many candidates for Congress are jockeying for your vote? How many will address this on day one in office? Who is going to fight for you?

When you elect representatives looking for a title, moment in the spotlight, or a part of the D.C. swamp, you may hear them discuss these ideas. When you elect your neighbor, however, they will fight for it tooth and nail to make them happen.


Walz lives in Richmond with his wife and three daughters.

For information, visit www.

The primary is March 3, 2020. Early voting runs from February 18 to 28, 2020.

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