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Army veteran tackles addiction, PTSD and recovery in book

“Be careful,” I told Tommy as he walked off.

Less than a minute later, I heard a loud boom and my heart fell to the ground.  It was like God spoke directly to me and said, “Pray now that his last thoughts are of Me.” I did just that as I started to run toward Tommy.  But SFC Q and someone else tackled me and kept me from going to him.

Tommy had been blown up by a mine.


After a tour in Iraq, after trying to drink himself through the warzone that darkened his mind, and after countless attempts to end his life, decorated Army Veteran Curtis Brown plunged into a dark spiral only to find help in an unexpected place.


The former combat veteran turned his life over to God.  Now, he has made it his life mission to help other veterans recovering from the front-lines through his book ‘God is Bigger’ and through his not for profit organization the Curtis Brown Foundation.




Curtis: I wanted to inspire people to overcome life’s obstacles.  Purpose=Hope!    My wife and I were almost destroyed because of PTSD, injuries, horrible care at the VA and from nearly 18 years of addiction to psychiatric medications and opiates.  We want to be part of the solution.  We have the ability to really help veterans and their families.


Curtis:  When I ponder on that Iraqi position I cry, I always cry, because I left a part of me behind and I couldn’t do anything about it.  I can still see my best friend Tommy and the entire experience in Iraq as if were yesterday.

I tried to take my life three times and was admitted to the Waco VA Psych Ward.

God has saved me and put me on a mission.  He took a mess and gave me a message to share.

MPN: What’s up next for you?

My dream is for the Curtis Brown foundation to provide soldiers/veterans and their families with good doctors, churches, counselors,  and a place in Galveston for a free vacation.  I am living proof that if we are given the right environment to heal, we can heal.  With God ALL things are possible and my family and I are living proof.  We want to be that place where they go to inspire them to overcome.  I would love to see my book become a movie.  I want it to be a real reality movie of how the real the struggle is, but also how big God is.   My wife and I truly believe that a retreat/vacation property will allow us to give them the tools and inspiration to overcome.


MPN is looking forward to seeing Curtis Brown live out his mission.

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