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“Hats On” Theme Announced for 2020 Pearland White Out Night Out


Pictured Above (Left) Charisse Craft-Barry, Charlotte Howard Selvera, and Angie Infante (Right) Angie Infante

Angie Infante is a local T-shirt maker with Graphic Icon’s located in Pearland.  Infante is chairing Counseling Connections for Change’s 2020 gala “White Out Night Out: Hat’s ON!” The event has a dress code theme of wearing all white. Last year party-goers were asked to add a Cuban theme to their clothing for the Gala’s “Havana Nights Theme.”  For 2020 the even seems to have a wear-a-hat theme. It is not known if the event will (as it did in 2019) feature the decorations of Pearland’s premier interior designer Tammy Grohman.


Counseling Connections stated on Facebook, “Save the date! Counseling Connections’ annual White Out Night Out event will be on May 9th, 2020. Our theme will be ‘Hats On’ – so mark your calendars and grab your fancy hats and join us for an incredible evening raising awareness of mental health in our community.”  The event will be held at the Hilton Gardens Hotel in the Shadow Creek area of Pearland, Texas.




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