Pearland TX

$60,000+ Compensation Package To be a secretary? The City of Pearland offers exciting Job Opportunities

The City of Pearland has become a high paying provider of job opportunities. In September of this year, the city offered up to $27.49 per hour or more than $56,000 a year to be a secretary for the Fire Department. Now, the City of Pearland just opened a new job paying up to $25.00 an hour or $51,250 a year. But the compensation doesn’t stop there!

The City of Pearland pays a 2 to 1 retirement contribution to the Texas Municipal Retirement System. Most employees put 6% of their income into retirement which in this case would be $3,075 – which the City would match by depositing $6,150 extra funds into that employee’s account. Also, the City pays most of the Employees’ healthcare plan. When all of these items are factored in, that is more than $60,000 in compensation for being a secretary! What a great job! Apply by clicking here.

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