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Candidates for Pearland’s U.S. House Seat Fundraised as Major Deadline Loomed… Now, Who will Emerge as the coming Primaries’ Front Runners?

October’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) report is seen by many to be the next major test of the strength of Republicans and Democrats candidates vying to fill the position left open by the retirement of Pearland’s congressman Pete Olson(R). While there might be legally many persons who have declared themselves as candidates for US Congress on the FEC’s website, most likely only a well financially backed candidate will eventually succeed.  The local Democratic Party’s race is dominated by Nyanza Moore, Pearland Councilman Derrick Reed, and Pearland’s 2018 Democratic Party congressional nominee Sri Kulkarni; while, the local Republican Primary is filled with numerous candidates. Media outlets around the area will gauge the health of local campaigns based on the size of the hauls of donor cash candidates will report on the ever crucial 3rd quarter FEC report due by October 15th. Aware of how much is riding on producing a show of force local candidates were conducting fundraising activities that ran up to the September 30th midnight deadline.

Candidates seem to be using different tactics to raise the dough. Former Pearland City Council member Felicia Harris Hoss hired our current US congressman Pete Olson’s high profile fundraising consultant Susan Lily of Lilly And Company indicated by Harris’s fundraising letters.

Harris Hoss hired Olsen’s fundraising team

Harris Hoss hired Pete Olsen’s fundraising team

Fellow former Pearland City Council Member, and former Brazoria County Court-at-Law Judge Greg Hill hosted a Fundraiser at Billy’s Hall in Pearland on Sept 29th.  Hill’s fundraiser seemed well attended and featured many political staples of the Brazoria County Community including My Pearland News’ hot singles (& people we wish were single)  Tammy Grohman.  Hill’s fundraiser was part of a fundraising apparatus that according to a source close to the Hill campaign has already raised more than $200,000. Hill’s campaign’s machine is looking towards what they hope will be a $100k in October as the campaign positions itself to be a six-figure a month campaign.


img_0162Army Veteran and Helicopter Pilot Joe Walz seemed to be the victim of scheduling as his premiere event occurred after the FEC deadline. Walz put on a meet and greet that brought celebrity and star power. Best Selling Author, Former Congressman, TV Pundent and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Allen West introduced Walz at an event hosted by the Greater Richmon Area Republicans. Walz made many appearances throughout the third quarter including appearing in the Fort Bend County Fair’s parade.


Kathaleen Wall started the month of September by borrowing a page from the Ted Cruz playbook. Wall launched her congressional campaign from the main stage of the Red Neck Country Club, the same as Ted Cruz (who launched his 2018 Senatorial campaign at the venue).


Kathaleen Wall’s Texas 22 Congressional Launch

Kathaleen Wall didn’t see to have any major fundraisers or even be pushing for a major fundraising hall. Rather, Wall’s social media post, again and again, promoted her first television and internet commercial.  Observers are quick to notice that Wall spent $6 million dollars of her own money in her 2018 race.  It might be possible that Wall isn’t focused on fundraising because she can self fund her 2020 congressional race.


Conservative Republican Keli Chevalier promises to “Make Congress Work Again.”  Keli Chevalier filled her calendar with numerous events throughout the third quarter from receptions at condominiums to Coffee with Keli events at Pearland’s Wafflehouse. It will be interesting to see if Chevalier’s numerous events will translate to a large fundraising hall.


On the Democrat side, Sri Preston Kulkarni being a second-time candidate for congress began the third quarter of this year with $345,421 (according to the FEC). Kulkarni’s 2018 was a six-figure per month campaign fueled by the so-called 2018 “Blue Wave,” where taking back the house was the attention focus of Democrats. Now that taking back the White House is the focus of Democrats it will be interesting to see if Kulkarni can repeat his 2018 success.

Pearland City Councilman Derrick Reed took to Facebook in a video that has at the writing of this story 308 views. Published on Sept 24 Reed notes that fundraising is crucial in the run-up to the FEC deadline noting,” Team Reed – Thank you all for your support! As we approach the end of our first fundraising quarter, Monday, September 30th, we are doing everything we can to make a good showing. If you haven’t donated yet and are able to, please support my campaign by going to and making a contribution TODAY!.” It will be interesting to see how strong of a showing Councilman Reed makes. 308 view was much less than the 17,000 views Reeds announcement video gained (Seen Below):


Television personality Nyanza Moore Democrat candidate for Pearland’s congressional seat also took to Facebook to raise funds. Moore thanked her sorority sisters in Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) for donating to her campaign.  Moore’s energetic campaign has caught the imagination and heart of many. But will Moore’s large media exposure lead to large donations?




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