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Help Pearland girl be cancer-free

Did you know that every two minutes a family hears the words “Your child has cancer?”

No parent is ever prepared to hear those words. But it happens to dozens of families every day: including one family right here in Pearland.

Read this story—and learn how you can join the fight for little Nova.


In August, 4-year-old Nova was taken to an Ophthalmologist after her parents noticed one of her eyes going inward.  “We thought she may be experiencing dizziness or vertigo,” says her family.

However, a trip to Texas Children’s Hospital emergency room changed their lives forever. A CT scan showed she had hydrocephalus due to a mass behind her penial gland in her brain. Nove was admitted into ICU and an MRI confirmed Nova had a tumor.

“Our little girl never had any health problems before so we were in shock to hear words like mass, tumor, lesion in our little one.  Texas Children’s Hospital moved quickly on everything involving her treatment.  The EVD was installed and a biopsy was done.  The biopsy revealed she has a rare form of cancer, Pineoblastoma.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, Pineoblastoma is a rare, aggressive type of cancer that begins in the cells of the brain’s pineal gland.

Nova’s first surgery to remove the tumor occurred right away.  The surgeon was able to remove almost 100% of her tumor and Nova is still in recovery.

Her treatment will involve six weeks of radiation and four months of chemotherapy.

IMG_6575Nova’s family and friends are reaching out to the Pearland community and asking for help in raising money for little Nova’s care.  A GoFundMe campaign called “Stand with Nova to fight Pineoblastoma” has raised $17,420 as of Dec. 27 with more than 109 donors so far.  Any amount will be appreciated along with your prayers.








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