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ACC student selected for NASA Program

NASA selected Jones as a National Community College Aerospace Scholar. The internship program encourages students from two-year colleges to continue their STEM education at a four-year university.
KeatonJones“I’ve always had dreams of going to space, or at least participating in the spaceflight process, and this feels like the first step in making those dreams a reality,” Jones said.
The Community College Aerospace Scholar program is an educational experience for students interested in a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each scholar receives a four-day, in-person experience at a NASA center. They will also participate in a five-week online workshop which includes live video chats with NASA experts and engages in mission design challenges.
ACC History instructor Johanna Hume encouraged Jones to apply for the internship.
“I’m thrilled to have Keaton representing ACC in this prestigious program,” Hume said. “I feel just as strongly that NASA is lucky to have him. Keaton has a wildly bright future, and I’m proud that Alvin College has been a part of it.”
Jones is currently at ACC working towards obtaining a General Studies Degree and hopes to pursue a career in educational film projects. He said he is excited about the opportunity that the internship will provide him.
“This program has already helped supplement my education by expanding my knowledge of what the instructors believe to be the most vital and pertinent information to current and future NASA projects,” he said.
Jones specifically wants to learn more about exploration to one of Earth’s neighbors.
“What I’m most looking forward to from this program is researching methods to keep humans alive for an 8-month spaceflight to Mars,” he said. “Some of the issues such as water purification and protection from radiation for that long of a flight still haven’t been solved, and it’s exciting to be a part of the team to contribute in solving those problems.”
Once he finishes his education, Jones says he plans to work in film concentrating mostly on work in education and science.
“My plans include participating in educational film projects, ranging from documentary to instructional formats,” he said. “This internship could also put me in a position to become involved with NASA’s public relations programs.”

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