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People Making A Difference: Pearland man on a mission to feed the homeless

Pearland business owner David Hernandez Jr. has launched a campaign to try to feed as many homeless people as possible.

In 2018, David became inspired to help the homeless after he moved to Houston.

“When I moved to Houston, I was warned to be careful around homeless people, to stay away,” said David. “And, sure enough, on my first walk with my dog, a homeless man approached me and asked to pet my dog.  That’s all he wanted.  To pet my dog.  We briefly spoke and he told me his name, I told him mine and introduced him to my dog, Maui. And life went on.”

IMG_9848“Two weeks later, the same man ran up and greeted Maui and me by name.  I was stunned. He remembered our names, yet I couldn’t remember his.  At that moment, I felt worthless and ashamed.”


That encounter inspired David to buy food for the homeless man and his friends. He rushed to McDonald’s and purchased $100 worth of food and has continued doing so every week.

“I had no idea we had so many people living near us who needed help,” said David.  “I think we as a community need to do our part to help others, the vulnerable.  The homeless, they all have names and a story and they want help, they need help. I believe God has put me on a journey, a new mission in life and that is to feed the homeless.”






David is the founder of Food For the Soul HTX, a non-profit organization that feeds the homeless in Houston, Texas 77003 and he is accomplishing his mission with the support of local business owners, friends, and family.

He would like to invite you to join him by attending a public event hosted by Food For the Soul HTX and the ever-popular and possibly the best barbecue on the planet, Killen’s BBQ restaurant.

The event takes place on Saturday,  July 27th from 12-3pm at 1712 Delpelchin Street, Houston, Tx 77007.  Mayoral Candidate Tony Buzbee is the keynote speaker.  If you plan to attend, please RSVP on the Facebook event page.

If you have clean clothing or shoes that you can donate, please deliver the items to A-1 Best Movers located at 2641 Roy Road, Pearland Tx 77581.




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