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Hearts for Harvey Fundraiser was a success

A special fundraiser was held July 6 to support a local activist’s fight for his life.

Christopher Harvey has been experiencing congestive heart failure and was recently placed on a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) to keep him alive while he waits for a heart transplant. In addition to his heart issues, Chris is awaiting surgery to have tissue removed from several places on his body to allow new tissue to grow.

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The benefit took place 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Pearland Church of Christ. Organizers of the event asked a minimum $10 donation for a meal that included beans and rice with dessert.  Approximately 100 people came out to support Christopher.

The event kicked off with prayers and a tear-jerker moment when a video message was played from Christopher’s hospital room.

Harvey said, “Y’all are my family.  Y’all are my heart.  This is a blessing.   I have been through a lot of pain and suffering, but, with God, I will make it through.”

With emotions flowing through the room,  Harvey ended his message with a cute phrase, “Real Texas men cry.”




Chase Burgin organized the event along with Yvonne Dewey, Shirley Molina, Sherry Peterson, Pat Smajstra, Mary Kathryn Mays Pickle, Mary Smith-Pugh, Linda Mettling Amerine, Gary Shrum, Leisha D’Angelo, Beverly Stricker, Anita Ochoa Bargas, and Amy Tasto.

Over $9,000 was raised for Harvey’s ongoing medical expenses.

Contributions are still needed and can be made by calling Leisha D’Angelo at 832-885-4558.


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