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FCC warns of new ‘One Ring’ phone scam

If your phone rings once and then stops, think twice before returning the call said the FCC.

The Federal Communications Commission is warning consumers about a phone scam targeting people across the U.S. that could result in victims racking up expensive fees.

The “One Ring”  scam involves robocallers dialing numbers, often calling repeatedly in the middle of the night. The scammers hang up after one ring.

The scheme is designed to get the person on the other end to call the number back. Dialing the number the scammers used directs the caller to a 900 number, resulting in expensive per-minute fees.

The toll charges racked up by the unsuspecting scam victims are largely paid to the scammers, the FCC says.

Recently the scammers are using a 222 area code, which is from the country of Mauritania in West Africa.

Consumers can protect themselves by not calling back numbers they do not recognize, especially if they seem to be coming from overseas. People should check their phone bills for charges they do not recognize.

Anyone who has been a victim of this scam is asked to file a complaint with the FCC.

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