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Drunk shopping is a $39 billion industry

You wake up with a raging headache, your mouth tastes like a wet taco bell burrito and there’s a mysterious Amazon package at your door.  Sound familiar?  Rest assure, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Americans love to shop online and when you load up on Shiner and maybe a shot or two of Tito’s tequila, alcohol-consuming people love to ‘click, click, buy.’ According to Digital Trends, more than 26% of Americans drunk shop and they spend on average $736 per year online shopping

Drunk shopping has gone up since last year’s report of $30.43 billion. This year’s survey has concluded that Americans reported spending over $39.4 billion while drunk shopping.



A few key findings:

  • Americans consume an estimated 340.3 million alcoholic drinks a week.
  • An estimated 24 million people (21%) drink beer each week, and the average imbibing American drinks 5 beers a week.
  • Of those who enjoy a tipple, 83.2% of men and only 56.95% of women say they’re likely to drink a beer.
  • 47.2% of females consume alcohol each week, compared with 63.3% of men.
  • 59.7% of Gen X consumes alcohol weekly, compared with 57% of baby boomers and 53.8% of millennials.

So, what are drunk shoppers buying…we know you want to know!



Have fun Pearland and enjoy yourself, but be wary of drunk shopping. Unless, of course, you’re the kind of person who needs another cow-dog.😁

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