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Dirty Tricks & Campaign Sabotage? Fake Email Tries to Derail Fundraiser

An email was sent on Tuesday, April 9th to various prominent figures in Brazoria County and Pearland including elected officials. This email identified itself as being sent from the candidate for Pearland City Council Position 1 Derrel Isenberg. However, it was purported to be from the email address “” which is not the candidate’s email address.  The email informed various persons that Isenberg’s fundraiser had been canceled (see below image of the email).

Isenberg and his campaign sent no such email according to campaign spokesperson and daughter of the candidate Dena Hanks.  “there absolutely were digital invites sent to attendees that were sent via Facebook and through the service There was nothing related to the event that had anything to do with Apple or that could have even possibly generated some sort of automatic email from apple. I don’t understand how an email from could be sent out telling attendees that the event was canceled. We never canceled the event or sent out such an email.” When My Pearland News asked Hanks how could a person know who to email with the news the party was canceled Hanks responded, “it was clear who was attending the event. there was an invite on Evite and Facebook that listed who was planning to attend.”

The campaign provided MPN with screenshots of the email that was sent to various prominent figures in the county. The campaign event was a fundraising breakfast at BJ’s Brewhouse in Pearland featuring television personality Jacquie Baly The event was never called or referred to by the campaign as an “engineer fundraiser.” However, it is known in political circles that Jacquie Baly’s events are usually attended by engineers. The email sent to prospective attendees telling them the event was canceled referred to the event as an Engineer Fundraiser.

Was this some sort of campaign sabotage on the part of an actor who wanted to derail the attendance of an event of the Isenberg campaign by telling prospective party goers that the party was canceled?  What was their goal?  All we know at My Pearland News is that the best candidate should win no matter what party they are, what color they are, what sex, they are, etc. We hope Pearland selected the best possible leader. And we hope that candidates leave these childish sabotage tactics behind.



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