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Video: Pearland ISD Candidates Double Down on Race-Based Hiring & Flipping the Board to Liberal Control

My Pearland News previously reported that three liberal Pearland ISD candidates were running as a slate, that this group planned on flipping the School Board to liberal control, and that one of the members supported race-based hiring practices designed to reduce the percentage of teachers in Pearland ISD that are white.  Sunday, March 3rd, the three liberal candidates appeared in public unequivocally running as a slate at a campaign launch event covered by “Our Pearland News,” (some sort of parody or clone of My Pearland News). At this event, the slate of candidates discussed their plans to flip Pearland ISD’s board to liberal control. While one candidate, Dr. Dona Kim Murphey, discussed her plans for race-based hiring designed to reduce the portion of teachers that are white. The Candidates’ event vindicated all of My Pearland New’s reporting on the subject over the last few months, and it was published on video (seen below).

Joseph Say (challenging incumbent Lance Botkin), Al Lloyd (challenging incumbent Jeff Barry), and Dr. Dona Kim Murphey (challenging incumbent Rebecca Decker) appear in this heavily edited video (edited by Our Pearland News not My Pearland News) of their campaign launch event.  At 12 minutes and 15 seconds in the video below, Dr. Dona Kim Murphey discusses her plans for a race-based hiring system that would not seek to hire African American teachers whose numbers she feels are representative. However, Dr. Murphey would focus on hiring Asian teachers. Dr. Murphey refers in general to her feeling that white teachers are overrepresented in the district, and their numbers need to be thinned out.  Dr. Dona Kim Murphey states she doesn’t know how this process could be done. She is probably referring to a reality My Pearland News already covered that quota-based racial hiring schemes would be considered an illegal form of association under the 14th amendment; and, this form of illegal hiring would open up the district to law suites under 42 USC 19883.  At 48 minutes into the video below the three discuss how they have a like-minded person on Pearland ISD board already (referring to Mike Floyd a liberal democrat who has previously been supported by the Communist Party of America).  The three candidates state should they all win they will “flip” the board to liberal control.


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