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World’s smallest surviving baby boy weighing only 9 ounces at birth

He’s not even a year old and he’s already breaking records. This baby boy, who weighed 9.45 ounces when he was born in Tokyo, has the distinction of being the world’s tiniest living baby boy, according to Reuters.

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“I wasn’t sure he could survive,” the baby’s mom told Reuters.



At the time of his birth in August 2018, he was tiny enough to fit in the palm of a person’s hands.



He’s believed to now be the tiniest baby boy to survive. He now weighs just over seven pounds, more than 12 times his original birth weight, according to a Telegraph report.  

Emilia Grabarczyk holds the title of the smallest surviving baby girl weighing just 8.8 ounces when she was born in Germany in 2015.

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