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Fire Teachers for Being White? Pearland ISD Candidate Proposes an Interesting Plan

Former Pearland City Councilman Kevin Cole stirred up Social Media today by pointing out a bizarre plan proposed by Havard educated medical doctor Dr. Dona Kim Murphey.  Dr. Murphey has proposed reducing the portion of Pearland ISD teachers that are white in a policy paper like post she put on her Facebook page (shown Below). As Councilman Cole points out, the only way that it is possible to reduce the percentage of teachers who are white immediately would be to fire Pearland ISD teachers just for being white.  Even if otherwise implemented Dr. Murphey’s racial hiring plan may be illegal or unconstitutional under the 14th amendment to the US Constitution and would open up Pearland ISD to cash damage lawsuits under 42 USC 1983. Quotas against whites were outlawed by the Supreme Court in the Bakke case, one of the best know decisions of this topic. Is Dr. Murphey not well versed in basic civil rights law (and/or sovereign immunity law)? It would be interesting to see what programs and educational expenses would have to be cut to survive such lawsuits.  Dr. Kim Murphey has stated previously she would be uncomfortable talking to white conservatives as My Pearland News Previously Reported.   One wonders about the racial preoccupations of Dr. Murphey’s candidacy.

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