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Did Pearland ISD Candidates Impersonate a Conservative Group? Are They Trying to Confuse Voters?

To some in the political class of Pearland the We Are Pearland PAC is a nefarious actor. The Houston Chronicle chose a different description of We Are Pearland stating, “We Are Pearland, an organization that represents the local business and political establishment.” That same article credits the PAC for electing councilman Woody Owens, a strong conservative.  That is why some voters are finding it strange that a “slate” of liberal candidates running as intersectional equality activists may be impersonating the organization to appear as if they have the PAC’s support.

We Are Pearland has contributed to the election of many mainstream conservative candidates in Pearland such as Mayor Tom Reid, Pearland ISD Trustees Crystal Carbone & Sean Murphy, and Councilman Adrian Hernandez.   Hernandez’s 64% victory over an opponent who spent more than $150,000 towards his defeat is evidence of the kind of following and influence the PAC wields.  Many voters have come accustomed to receiving We Are Pearland mailers, and seeing We Are Pearland digital advertisements. There is a population of conservatives who trust the PAC and choose to vote for the PAC’s chosen candidates believing the PAC’s candidates are conservative.

My Pearland News recently reported the entrance into the school board race of Pearland ISD candidate and “Staunch Feminist” Joseph Say. Mr. Say (who is running against incumbent Lance Botkin) recently promoted on Facebook an event for his campaign that he claims is We Are Pearland’s ISD candidate kickoff. This caused pause for this reporter who was familiar with the PAC’s track record. Had We Are Pearland gone liberal? I reached out to We Are Pearland’s treasurer.  “Who is Joseph Say?,” she remarked when I reached her by phone.  I asked the representative if the organization was involved in this event promoted online, she still did not understand what I was referring to. After explaining to the PAC representative that Say was a candidate for Pearland ISD and that Say was claiming to be holding a We Are Pearland event, the representative replied,  “We do not have any events planned at this time other than an upcoming breakfast fundraiser. We do not have an ISD candidate kick off. And, we aren’t supporting Mr. Say.”

Liberal Activist and Havard educated medical doctor, Dr. Dona Kim Murphey (who herself is a candidate for Pearland ISD running against incumbent Rebecca Decker) promoted the faux PAC event on her own personal Facebook page. She identifies  Dr. Say as being part of a slate of candidates running for Pearland ISD. My Pearland News recently reported that Dr. Murphey made a claim that this slate of candidates are running to vote out incumbents and create a liberal majority on the school board.  Is it possible part of this slate’s strategy to win in May in part by confusing conservative voters into believing they are supported by the We Are Pearland PAC?  Will more faux We Are Pearland held by the candidates follow? To get the answer to those questions My Pearland News has reached out to Mr. Say to get information on his campaign. Mr. Say did not respond to our request.  I guess we’ll all have to make up our own minds. An advertisement for the event is shown below:



Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 8.32.35 AM


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