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Video Emerges of Pearland ISD Candidate Protesting IN FAVOR of Sanctuary Cities!

Despite the existence of Angel Families(a term used to describe the families of those killed by illegal immigrants),  Pearland Liberal Activist, Medical Doctor, and candidate for Pearland ISD Board of Trustees Dr. Dona Kim Murphey spent time protesting against Governor Abbot’s SB.4 law stopping sanctuary cities. She even penned an Op-Ed for the Houston Chronicle opposing  Texas’s measures to stop sanctuary cities.  A video even emerged of Dr. Murphey protesting for sanctuary cities and against Sb.4 citing in her speech her concern that the bill might lead to the deportation of illegal immigrants. She argues as much as 10% of their population might be deported, a figure she argues is too high.

It’s hard not to think of the brutal murder of Pearland ISD high school student Joshua Wilkerson who was killed by illegal immigrant Hermilo Vildo Moralez. Dr. Murphey worries about the dreams of the illegal immigrants in Texas. MyPearlandNews wonders what would Dr. Murphey have to say to the family of Joshua Wilkerson about the dreams he never got to live out.


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