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United Airlines: Only dogs, cats, ​and miniature horses can be service animals

United Airlines is the latest to crack down on the use of emotional support animals on flights.

The airline said emotional support animals won’t be allowed on flights longer than eight hours.

“We have seen increases in onboard incidents on longer flights involving these animals, many of which are unaccustomed to spending an extended amount of time in the cabin of an aircraft,” the company said in a blog post.

Kittens and puppies under four months old will not be allowed on any flight regardless of whether they are emotional support animals, service animals or pets. The airline said animals under four months typically don’t have the required vaccinations.

Only dogs and cats will be allowed as emotional support animals on United flights. Service animals will be limited to dogs, cats, and miniature horses.

United said reservations made before January 3, which is when the change was announced, will be honored. The new policy starts Jan. 7, but they will honor reservations made prior to Jan. 3.


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