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Bright meteor shower set to shine Texas skies tonight

The first major meteor shower of 2019 peaks Thursday night which could put on a stunning show with approximately 50 bright, fiery meteors per hour under perfect conditions in North America.

Look to northeast sky after midnight, most will originate just below Ursa Major, also known as the Big Dipper.

According to Nasa, the Quandrantid Meteor Shower stems from an object known as 2003 EH1, and NASA says could either be an asteroid or a “rock comet.” Either way, the show typically peaks sometime between Dec.28 and Jan. 12 with meteor arcing across the sky at 25.5 miles per second. As many as 200 could be seen in an hour.

The American Meteor Society says the show will peak at 8:30 p.m. CST., but North America won’t have a good view until after midnight.


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