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Facebook let Netflix and Amazon read users private message, NYT reports

WTFacebook is going on?  

The New York Times obtained internal Facebook documents showing in intricate detail how Facebook allocated personal data, including private messages to partner companies without consent.

The newspaper on Wednesday detailed special arrangements between Facebook and companies such as Microsoft, Netflix and Spotify, in the latest revelations on how the social network shares user data.

Here are highlights from the report.


THE DEALS: Facebook shared data with more than 150 companies — not only tech businesses but automakers and media organizations — through apps on its platform even if users disabled sharing. Apps from many of these “integration partners” never even showed up in user application settings, with the company considering them an extension of its own network. The deals dated back as far as 2010 and were all active in 2017, with some still in effect this year.


PRIVATE MESSAGES: Spotify, Netflix and the Royal Bank of Canada were able to read, write and delete Facebook users’ private messages, and to see everyone on a message thread. Spotify could look at messages of more than 70 million users a month and still lets users share music through Facebook Messenger while Netflix and the Canadian bank have turned off features that incorporated message access.


Amazon statement on NYT report: “We use information in accordance with our privacy policy.”
Facebook statement on NYT report: “Facebook’s partners don’t get to ignore people’s privacy settings, and it’s wrong to suggest that they do.”

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