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Pearland ISD Trustee attends an event held by UAE designated Islamic Terrorist Organization & ADL designated Anti-Israel group

In 2014 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a Middle Eastern nation made up of seven emirates and home to popular travel destination Dubai named the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a terrorist organization.  CAIR was also linked to the Holy Land Foundation in a Dallas Federal criminal trial that convicted five people of funneling support to terror group Hamas (that saw prison sentences as large as 65 years). While the United States of America did not have enough evidence to charge CAIR in the case they were named an unindicted co-conspirator to the terrorist supporting organization Holy Land Foundation (see MyPearlandNews’s copy of the filing naming CAIR in the case). Although It should be noted that CAIR had their co-conspirator status overturned in the 5th circuit court of appeals.

Despite this organization’s unique history and the reputation of being the foremost organization supporting global terror operating the USA today, Despite the fact that the Center of Security Policy in 2016 went as far as to say that “CAIR is Hamas” as Part of the 83 page report the center prepared to detail the evidence the United States of America uncovered linking CAIR to Hamas (read the report here).  Despite the fact that mainstream Jewish watchdog group the Anti-Defamation-league has detailed CAIR’s antisemitic and Anti-Israel sentiment.  Pearland ISD trustee Mike Floyd proudly appeared at this questionable organization’s event.
Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 8.08.41 PMAttorney and soon to be  Candidate for the City Council of Sugarland Nabila Mansoor appeared at an event at the Houston chapter of CAIR with the Democratic Party of Texas’ Treasuer and Pearland ISD trustee Floyd, and Floyds father (Who MyPearlandNEws previously reported on as owing $21,000 the Texas Ethics Commission for sundry illegal campaign finance violations).



The day before Floyd’s visit CAIR Houston held an event featuring Linda Sarsour who has herself been accused of being an Antisemite and who once tweeted a tweet about how living under Sharia Law is beneficial.


Sarsour is a critic of Ayaan Hirsi Ali a woman seeking reform of the Muslim Religion. Ali was subjected to female genital mutilation as a child. Sarsour later tweeted she wished she could have “ripped out” Ali’s vagina in a reference to Ali’s mutilation which has been covered by various media over the years.  Sarsour has been the subject of many controversies such running an accused fake Hurricane Harvey fundraiser where proceeds went to a political group and not to victims like those in Pearland.

“It’s problematic, to say the least. This is LaMont Hill all over again,” notes Jason Perry professor of political science at the College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas. Perry refers the controversial comments made by CNN commentator Lamont Hill that lead to his firing from CNN.  “Lamont Hill said a popular phrase used by Hamas and anti-Israel factions… Trustee Floyd appears to be more than repeating their catchphrase. Trustee Floyd is appearing at an event of with alleged Hamas supporter CAIR, that should give anyone pause. I don’t know Floyd’s feelings about Jewish people or Israel but being comfortable with showing your support for CAIR a group the ADL has basically called an antisemitic hate group is astounding. We have a Pearland elected official basically at a hate group gathering. This is all problematic.”

The ADL has done more than suggest that CAIR is anti-Israel, they produced a compelling report on it (read MyPearlandNew’s copy of the ADL’s report on CAIR’s anti-Isreal History).

Professor Perry notes one ironic reality, “You have Rusty Deborde voted out of office because of the accusation he was anti-muslim; he is replaced with Trustee Floyd who is now going to events held by people accused of being essentially Anti-Jewish. I wonder if the voters will have a similar reaction as what they had with Deborde.”   Only time will tell If Floyd pays a political price for his bizarre associations.

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