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‘I have a message for voters’: Texas Governor visits Alvin

This November, make time to vote

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott visited Alvin last week with a message for Republicans in the state — you must vote or things could be changing. 

Abbott pointed to a series of recent polls that showed the race for a U.S. Senate seat between incumbent Ted Cruz and Democrat Beto O’Rourke is really close. While most polls show Cruz with a lead, it is closer than anyone could have guessed and it shows that even in Texas, Republicans are in danger when a good Democrat opposes them. 

Aboott’s race for governor is not polling as close, so the governor said he is spending his time and campaign money on working to get out the vote, primarily among Republicans. 

I have a message for voters, too. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, independent or anything else, register before it’s too late and go vote in the November election. And while you’re at it, look past the race for senator and governor and vote on races closer to home. 

In Brazoria County, voters will choose a county judge, county clerk, county commissioner in Precinct 2 and Precinct 4 and several justices of the peace. 


Governor Greg Abbott pictured with Pearland residents and The Caboose BBQ owners, Doug and Erika McReaken.

I understand the general consensus in Brazoria County is the Republicans will win each of those races, and if history is an indicator, it’s a good bet. 

But one thing I’ve learned covering elections over the last 20-plus years, you can never take anything for granted. Because of races I’ve covered, I understand the value of every single vote. 

In Young County in North Texas, I worked with a county commissioner who could be the only person to ever be involved in two elections decided by a single vote. 

The first time he ran for commissioner, he ran against an incumbent. On Election Day, the votes were counted and it was a tie. Naturally, they held a recount and the incumbent gained one vote to win by a single vote. 

Four years later, the same two men ran again. And again, it was an incredibly close race. On Election Day, the votes were counted and this time, the roles were reversed. The challenger won by a single vote. When I met him, he was already in office, and he did win re-election several times with ease, but he never took a vote or an election for granted. 

And neither should any of you. If you support the Republicans running, whether it’s County Judge Matt Sebasta or Gov. Abbott, go vote. Take the five or 10 minutes it will take and cast your ballot. 

If you think O’Rourke should get a seat in the Senate or prefer one of the challengers for county commissioner, go vote. Again, give 10 minutes to make sure your voice is heard. 

If you don’t like either major party and would prefer to cast your ballot for a Libertarian or an independent candidate, there are some of those on the ballot, too. 

I don’t care if you vote in one race or all of them, but go vote. In Texas politics over the last few decades, there has never been a year where the votes counted as much. If you care about national politics, Texas could be the state that determines whether Republicans maintain control of the Senate. If you only care about local politics, your vote could determine whether Alvin ISD gets the money it needs to build new schools for an influx of new students that are coming. 

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, there is a race or an issue you should be excited about having a say in. 

In Texas, voting is easy. You can vote at an early voting place for 10 days before the election, and on Election Day there will be polling places open for 12 hours across Alvin and Manvel. 

Regardless of who you vote for, take a few minutes, find a polling place and cast a ballot. Let Brazoria County, Texas and the nation know where you stand. 

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