Pearland TX

Pearland school reevaluates ban on boys wearing makeup


A school district in Pearland aims to reevaluate its dress code to allow boys to wear makeup.

Days after a male high school student in Pearland, Texas, received in-school suspension for wearing makeup in the classroom, the school district is being proactive in getting its institutions’ dress code changed to best accommodate its students.

A teenager, whose identity has not been made public, who attends the Shadow Creek High School in the Alvin Independent School District received disciplinary action for violating a rule in the district’s dress code that reads, “Boys may not wear makeup,” and refusing to take it off when asked. However, people throughout the community have gone to bat for the student, saying that the rule is outdated. One of the boy’s friends, Jasmine Richards, even launched a petition to get it revised, according to Houston local station KHOU.


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