Pearland TX

Washington DC Paper Pounds Pearland Politician

The mid-term races are presently under 13 weeks away. In Texas’ 22nd district (which represents Pearland) Republican Rep. Pete Olson is being tested by a Bernie Sanders supporter, Sri Kulkarni who recently moved to Pearland from New York. The Washington D.C. paper The Washington Times recently covered the race. The paper slammed Kulkarni by noting the Democratic competitor has all the earmarks of being jobless, unmarried, does not possess a home, and has all the earmarks of currently living with his female cousin in a one bedroom Dwelling.

Furthermore, Mr. Kulkarni has had direct involvement with criminal activity, having been arrested for cocaine possession when he was 18 years of age, the charge was expelled following two years of being on probation. Kulkarni contends the country’s drug wars are racist. Kulkarni is allegedly an individual in the D.C. Burners Club, which observes Burning Man, the anything-goes, anarchic yearly celebration held in Nevada where free love and drugs are utilized across the board. The paper suggests that Kulkarni’s lack of media exposure itself is proof of a institutional liberal bias by media, arguing that if Kulkarni was a Republican the media would publicize the story more.