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City of Pearland Corrects Water Billing Miscommunication

Pearland, TX – In a statement by Position 4 Pearland City Councilmember Adrian Hernandez via social media, the City of Pearland has corrected a piece of critical language on its online water billing portal. According to Councilmember Hernandez’s statement, residents had their water service unexpectedly disconnected due to non-payment but that it may not have been clear to the residents exactly how payments were to be processed at the time of enrollment for automatic payment.

A graphic provided by Councilmember Hernandez shows both the original and updated versions of the language displayed to water service customers on the City of Pearland’s website.

The new language clearly states that water customers who wish to enroll in automatic payments via the city’s website will, “[need to] make a one-time payment immediately or your service will be disconnected. Your recurring payment will process on the next billing due date.”

A quick search through Pearland social media revealed that it seems this had been a recurring issue for Pearland residents which was likely caused by this lack of billing process transparency. This updated language and improved communication will likely save many residents from undue stress over their water service. Amid a summer delivering daily high temperatures well above 100°F, having water services suspended due to poor communication could have been disastrous both for the residents and the city.

If you have recently signed up for automatic billing via the City of Pearland’s website, please double-check that you signed up or updated your billing information PRIOR to the issuance of your current or most recent bill. If you’re still unsure, the City of Pearland water department can verify that your account is set up correctly and payment information is up-to-date by calling (281) 652-1603 Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM Central Time.

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