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Opinion: Politicians Should Take Down Their Signs

I was once friends with a famous person. The famous person told me the funniest advice; she said to me, “Jason never listen to what someone tells you about themselves. Always judge people by who they keep as their friends, and what kind of dog they have.” It was interesting advice, to say the least. And, it brings me to my point. How do you judge the content of someone’s character?

Active Pearland citizens I know are appalled by the fact that some politicians just won’t take their signs down. Pearland is a beautiful town, and the city works hard to keep it that way.  A Planning & Zoning commissioner told me that it is illegal to put any signs up in Pearland absent real estate signs and political signs. Real estate makes sense, you have to sell your property. And unfortunately, if we made political signs illegal there would be a huge 1st amendment lawsuit. So I guess they have to be legal. But just because we have to have these signs doesn’t mean that politicians should abandon their signs on the side of the road and let them sit for months at a time junking up our city, and making it look trashy.


An Abandoned Sign in Pearland

Recently former City Councilman Kevin Cole had a post on Facebook go viral when he questioned why certain candidates just won’t take their signs down. He included these photos of examples of signs all over town that have been abandoned, Some signs are for March’s election which had early voting in February.  These signs have been up since January? February? And, it’s July. But Mr. Cole’s post got me thinking. The landscaping crews can’t mow around the signs with them in the way. So the grass just grows up around them and looks even worse.

Some people try to judge the politicians by their actions of not taking their signs down. They question what type of leader someone is or will be if they can’t even manage to take down their stupid signs. I tend not go that far as to judge someone based on their sign abandoning practices. I continue to judge people by their friends… and their dog. However, I do think… they should take down the darn signs.



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