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Pearland’s Royal Family- Look into the world of Pearland’s Gay/Trans Beauty Pageant – Mr. & Miss Gay Pearland


Jada Brooks – the current Miss Gay Pearland

Jada Brooks thought of herself as retired from the world of drag pageants. Then on a dare, she considered reentering the world of pageant competition. Brooks had prayed on the matter and felt God led her to come out of retirement. Brooks knew if she was going to compete in a pageant she would compete in one of the most prestigious pageants – becoming the first Miss Gay Pearland in Pearland’s first gay/transgender beauty pageant. Brooks seemed humble as she discussed the pageant. But, she knew she was going to win. Jada Brooks is the current reigning Queen of Pearland, and she has the Miss Gay Pearland Crown to show for it.  This August, Miss Gay Pearland will go on to compete for the title of Miss Gay Texas USA, and possibly later Miss Gay USA.

Jada arrived at the photo shoot for this article dressed like the CEO of a corporation complete with a quilted Yves Saint Laurent purse. While Jada Brooks seems like a classy executive, she also has a self-described country side to her. Recently on a fishing trip, she and her fiancé wrestled & caught a 65 pound 7’5″ alligator gar. Brooks loves to fish; and, she is a snake keeper. Brooks has more than a dozen snakes including a 5 foot South American Anaconda that eats baby pigs, rabbits, or any other small animal it can find.

Brooks is a shy and quiet woman, which works well to complement the larger than life King of Pearland, Jayzeer Shantey Ross, grandson of the famous Tommie Ross.  Jayzeer moved from New Jersey to Pearland.  Mr. Ross told me he was overtaken by Pearland’s beauty, the countryside, the architecture, the art and the beautiful people. Ross, filled with confidence, said that it took someone with a lot of beauty (like himself) to represent the beauty of the City of Pearland.


Mr. Pearland assists his Queen

Jayzeer is proud to be a representative of Pearland, as he feels the Mr. & Miss Gay Pearland Pageants expose how the city of Pearland accepts everyone equally and isn’t a hateful place. Ross is the first Latino to win a title in a gay/trans Pearland pageant. All previous winners have been African American.


Miss & Mr. Pearland visit with some of Pearland’s Art Pears

Ross loved taking photos with our staff photographer, and even came up with an idea of his own for photos. He took photos at a local defacto museum of Pearland history. The history of Pearland contrasted nicely with Ross’s role of making history as being part of Pearland’s first gay/trans pageant.



Jayzeey Shantey Ross – the currrent Mr. Gay Pearland


Jayzeer loves taking photos with our staff photographer, and even came up with an idea of his own for photos. Jayzeer took photos at a local defacto museum of Pearland history. The history of Pearland contrasted nicely with Jayzeer’s role of making history as being part of Pearland’s first gay/trans pageant.

Jayzeey Shantey Ross isn’t the only Mr. Gay Pearland. The pageant system features a contest for people of all sizes and body types. Gio Whitney represents Mr. Pearland at Large, a pageant for the larger and more muscular men.  Whitney is civic minded. The talent portion of his pageant presentation was a retrospective on the tragedies of Hurricane Harvey and the Orlando Pulse Night Club terrorist attack.


Gio Whitney – Current Mr. Gay Pearland at Large

Whitney chose to represent Pearland, as he knew the pageant’s promoter had a huge support group that could help him take his competition to the next level. He said that Mr. and Miss Gay Pearland, “Opens the eye of everyone to see that the LGBT community is growing and has support in Pearland.”


Also included in Pearland’s Royal Court was a previous winner of Miss Gay Pearland, Tamika Nicole, who came to show representing the legacy of the pageant. Tamika Nicole won the competition on her first try, thanks in part to the talent portion of the competition where she performed the song Rock Steady. Nicole stated that being Miss Pearland was a great experience because it exposed her talent on a much larger scale, and got her a lot of work around town, as many venues wanted to showcase the title holder.




Started in 2014, Miss Gay Pearland USofA became the first gay/transgender beauty pageant to represent its namesake’s community: Pearland, Texas. The Pageant is itself a preliminary that qualifies the winner to enter into the coveted Miss Gay Texas USofA. The winner of Miss Gay Texas can then compete for the national title of Miss Gay USofA. The Pageant’s owner is Pearland resident LJ, who started the pageant to bring Pearland together in a celebration of diversity and the rich culture of gay beauty pageants.


an advertisement for 2018’s Mr & Miss Gay Pearland. 2019’s competition will also be held in April at Rich’s

Louis Jack, who goes by LJ, owns the Gay Pearland pageant system. LJ has an entrepreneurial spirit and large high-energy personality that suits him, and his business as well. And beauty pageants are just that – a business.  Last year’s Pearland pageant, held at Rich’s nightclub in Houston, offered more than $5,000 in cash and prizes. And 2019’s pageant coming next April promises to be even larger.

When I asked LJ why he chose to create a pageant system in Pearland he noted, “I just love Pearland.” When LJ moved tot he area he spent most of his time in the city. LJ comments that when his friends would call him they would joke, “let me guess you’re in Pearland.” LJ clearly is #PearlandProud. He lives on the west side of the City just north of Shadow Creek Ranch.



LJ – owner of the Gay Pearland pageant system

LJ’s nickname among friends is “Zealous,” a reference to the zeal he brings to everything he works on. This zeal hasn’t gone unnoticed. LJ was elected nationwide 2nd Vice Grand Master (a two-year term), and then 1st Vice Grand Master (also a two-year term) of the Theta Chi Psi fraternity. This year he is running for election to be the fraternity’s national president.  LJ brings a lot of energy and hard work to everything he does, and it is no wonder that the Gay Pearland Pageant is growing. Next year, the pageant will feature a Miss Gay Pearland Newcomer and Miss. Gay Pearland Classic. These pageants will highlight young and older performers respectively. LJ notes these two title-holders will be Pearland’s princess and godmother. At My Pearland News, we expect to see big things in the future for this interesting part of the Pearland Community.





My Pearland News reporters Leisha & Jason with Pearland’s Royal Court


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