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Did an Elected PISD Board Member & TX Dem Party Treasuer Commit Voter Fraud? Records Raise Strange Questions

When Mikael I. Floyd ran for and won a seat on the Pearland Independent School Board while being an 18-year-old high school student it garnered national media Attention. Recently Mr. Floyd was elected the Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Texas. Now Floyd is drawing attention for a new reason. Accusations are swarming in Pearland that Trustee Mikael Floyd may have in fact committed voter fraud.

Mikael I. Floyd was living with his father attorney John T Floyd in May 2017 (the year of his PISD election). However, John T Floyd sold his house shortly thereafter on July, 28th 2017. John T Floyd then moved to a new home near Rice University.  The following property records verify the dates John T Floyd bought & sold his home (some names were redacted for privacy reasons).

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.04.50 PM


This presented Trustee Floyd with a new problem. According to the state of Texas when you move from living in one location to another location located in your same county, you must notify the county elections officials; and, you must update your voter registration. Trustee Floyd did just that by updating his official voting record (Mikael Ilahi Floyd VIUD:2129612080) to indicate that he now lived at the 2400 block of Charter Oaks Ct in Pearland,  Texas. However, that address is owned by 61-year-old woman & Pearland resident Nighat Shaheen. Who purchased and has resided in that home since 1999. Shaheen is the owner of a methadone clinic named the Pasadena Substance Abuse Clinic.  What is not clear is how Floyd is associated with the methadone clinic owner. If Floyd told the truth on his registration form then Floyd is claiming to be roommates with a 61-year-old methadone clinic owner he is not related to which is a strange reality. The following photo is the actual voter registration Mikael Floyd turned in that was recorded with the State of Texas – Texas Secretary of State. Also shown are the property records showing Mrs. Shaheen’s ownership of the residence.


voter registration redacted

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Texas Election Code § 84.0041 (PROVIDING FALSE INFORMATION ON APPLICATION) is a statue that makes it illegal to provide false information on one’s voter information they include in their registration form. That would include lying about where one actually lives. In fact, the actual voter registration form references the reality right above where Trustee Floyd would have had to sign.

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So the reality emerges: is trustee Floyd roommates with Nighat Shaheen? Does he actually live at that address? or did he lie about his address? If Mr. Floyd doesn’t actually live at that address (and or live within Pearland ISD) limits a new problem emerges. According to Brazoria County, on April 28, 2018 Trustee Floyd voted early in the 2018 general PISD election conducted on May 5th, 2018. If Trustee Floyd was not actually supposed to be able to vote in that election because he doesn’t actually live with Nighat Shaheen and had just been fibbing on his registration, then Trustee Floyd violated Texas Election Code § 64.012 (ILLEGAL VOTING).

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.51.52 PM

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On Saturday, June 30th, 2018 at around 10:20am My Pearland Reporter visited the home of Mrs. Shaheen.  Four cars were parked in the driveway. My Pearland News knocked on the door and rang the doorbell several times. People could be heard in Mrs. Shaheen’s home; however, no one answered to the door. The neighbor Garza family who lives two doors down spoke with My Pearland News. The Garza family said that no one named Mike, nor did any white male live at the Shaheen’s home. They said in fact on their small street that no white people at all lived on the street. And since they have lived at that home (10 years) they have never seen a white male living at Shaheen’s address.   So eyewitness accounts are that Trustee Floyd does not live at the address he swore he lived at when he registered to vote.  The following picture shows the photo My Pearland News took of Shaheen’s home.


This is not the first time the Floyd Family has faced problems following election law. Mikael Floyd’s father John T. Floyd currently owes the Texas Ethics Commission $21,000 in fines related to illegally accepting campaign contributes according to this TEC document (Delinquent Filer Lists_ Candidate_Officeholder).

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While these questions swirl around Trustee Floyd he is currently operating what his website ( calls Floyd for Pearland 2020 a PAC or campaign that is not registered with Texas Ethics Commission. Floyd’s contact page lists as its address the PISD administration building. That is an odd reality as it is illegal to conduct campaign activities at a public facility.

What is clear is this:
1. it is illegal to lie about where you live on your voter registration.
2. Floyd swore he lived with a 61-year-old methadone clinic owner
3. the neighbors have never seen him at that home despite his “living” there.
4. Floyd might have lied on his voter registration which is a crime
5. Floyd then voted in an election. Was he eligible to actually vote in that election considering he may not live in the district?
6. Where does Floyd actually live? Why did he possibly lie about his address?

Pearland is one of the greatest communities in Texas, with one of the best school systems. Pearland ISD is a diverse school district with the best students in Texas. Pearland’s students deserve the highest quality administrators. Do Pearland’s students deserve to have their education administrated by a man who has no moral objection to committing fraud?  MyPearlandNews believes that Pearland’s students deserve better.


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