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Pearland police remind citizens to lock doors following early morning theft

The Pearland Police Department issued a reminder for citizens to lock vehicles and hide belongings to deter theft, following an early morning incident in the city.

The department wrote via Facebook,  “Early this morning while many were sleeping Pearland Police Department was notified by an employee of the Sleep Inn and Suites, on Country Place Parkway of a suspicious activity that appeared to be a male breaking into cars. When officers arrived they located the suspect matching the description provided by the witness standing by a vehicle that showed signs of forced entry. As the officer attempted to make contact with the male he ran and entered a second vehicle before fleeing. Additional officers in the area located the suspect and gave chase. The suspect lost control of his vehicle by crashing on State Highway 288 and then fled again on foot. Officers were able to locate and arrest the suspect, 20-year-old Marcus Bacon. In his possession was a stolen firearm and burglary tools.

While officers were able to locate and arrest the suspect, we would not have known where the offense was occurring had it not been for a citizen recognizing suspicious activity and calling police.

If you see something that seems out-of-place call your local Police Department (Pearland PD 281-997-4100) to report it.

“Further, you work hard for your belongings don’t let the moment pass to secure your things. A common crime analysis approach often utilized is the crime triangle. In part it states that for a crime to occur a criminal needs three things: the desire, the ability, and the opportunity. If any part of the triangle is removed, the ability to commit a crime is removed. Most individuals become victims of opportunity by leaving valuables (cash, electronics and other valuables) in plain sight. Help do your part to limit crime in Pearland by taking away the opportunity criminals have to make you a victim.”


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