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Why I speak out

“I didn’t claw my way out of hell as a child, only to have this company come into my adult life and try to put me back.   And, they sure as hell is hot aren’t going to do it in the 77584 (1)” -LSD

10/6/16- Preparing to speak to a local Houston media friend about the work situation. Not sure if I want it to go live, although I’m leaning towards doing it. They asked me yesterday “Why did you come forward in such a public way?”And, I cried.

The person in “authority” who had been making sexual remarks to community friends, such as

“I am the reason Leisha has a job at the hospital, and she owes me xxx. I want to bend her over her desk and fxxx her.”

Many people were coming forward over the past year reporting similar comments that were made.

Friends have been asking me, “what is wrong?” And “why haven’t we been

seeing you?” Etc “why do you look so pale?”

I’ll tell you why.

I only know the comments that people shared with me. What I don’t know he said is scary.

When I walked into a room at an event, I would have panic attacks wondering who in the room had he said these nasty, vulgar comments about me to? Are they looking at me with disgust?

Did they think I was a bad person or a “slut?”


I don’t sleep around. I don’t.

Not too long ago at an event, a council member looked at me and waved. I thought I saw him looking at me like he was mad and I approached him and asked him if he was in fact, upset with me. I was so worried this person had got to him with this ugliness and that he and everyone hate and despised me.

Even today, while I have been receiving a lot of support in the community and beyond. I wonder, I haven’t heard from this person and I’m scared they think I’m a bad person now.

And this was reported to my company with zero support whatsoever. The comments that were made to me by leadership are horrible.

And this is why I go public. I don’t want anyone to think their voice is too small, my Lord, especially the young people.

It takes only one voice, spoken in the right pitch to start an avalanche.

This should not be happening.

Not in Pearland.

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